Daniel Coninx was born in Wilrijk (province of Antwerp in Belgium) in 1966.

He spent six years at the Sint-Jozefschool and subsequently six years at the Holy Pius X College studying languages.  Three years of reading Law followed at the University of Antwerp.

After that his first career began.  For nine years he worked for both an insurance company (The Belgian Lloyd) and an insurance broker (Sedgwick Belgium).  In the meantime he also went to the Municipal Academy for Music and Word in Hoboken (Hoboken Academy Theatre) where he studied theatre and poetry with Herbert Flack, Erik Maes and Marie-Christine Ruttens.  He ended his insurance career as New Business Executive in 1996 to be able to spend his time studying Musical at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Peter De Smet and Steve Collins.

His premiere on stage was at the age of 15 at the amateur repertory company Dionteater in Wilrijk in "Polleke Pak and the secret Mission".

Between this premiere and the start of his professional career in 1997 he played about 60 different plays.

In 1997 his professional career started in earnest with the production of "Les Misérables" in Duisburg, Germany of which he played 747 shows.  Since then he has played three more major musical productions in Stuttgart ("Disney's Beauty and the Beast"), Bonn (a new staging of "Les Misérables") and Bad Hersfeld ("Jesus Christ Superstar").  He even managed to appear in a real opera ("Carmen" - as Lilas Pastia) at the Bonn Opera House.

From October 2003 until December 2004 he appeared as "sugar daddy" Abner Dillon (and covering Bert Barry) in the first German production of "42nd Street" at the Apollo Theatre in Stuttgart.  

Since December 18th 2005 Daniel was again at  "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" in a new staging by Glen Casale.  At the show's first venue (the Metronom Theatre in Oberhausen) he played Monsieur d'Arque from the premiere until May 20th 2006.  He has also covered Maurice (Belle's father) and the clock Cogsworth (in German Von Unruh).  On May 21st he took over the First Cast part of Maurice from Tamas Ferkay and remains a Cogsworth cover for Claus Dam.  In March 2007 the show  moved to the Theatre at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin where Daniel continued playing Maurice and Cogsworth until the last show on September 14th 2007.

In November/December 2007 he joined the cast of "Vom Geist der Weihnacht" in Frankfurt as Mr. Felix Fezziwig/Mr. Beavis for 52 performances.  Having found his way in smaller productions in May 2008 he signed on for 26 as the Bishop of Basingstoke in "Jekyll & Hyde" at the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel.  For fun he also joined the revue "Lollipop und Strandbikini" as uncle Adalbert Steinbeisser.

Staying in the area he briefly appeared in the doomed "JAMIE OLIVER DINNER SHOW" in Frankfurt between November 20th 2008 and December 1st 2008 together with Reinhard Brussmann.

In November 2009 he returned to his first love : theatre.  Until the end of April 2010 he was supposed to be part of the repertory company of the Theaterlabor of the Concordia Theatre in Bremen.  Things change constantly however, and he left the company early to go to the Theater Nordhausen.  AT the Theaterlabor he played two productions : first he played Georg in Peter Dorsch' direction of Martin Sperrs' "Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern", and then he played Taylor in the musical revue "Text & Ton 0.2.", directed by himself.

From March 2010 until December he reprised his role of Bishop of Basingstoke at the Theater Nordhausen in the Frank Wildhorn musical "Jekyll & Hyde", directed by Iris Limbarth, which had its' premiere on April 9th 2010.  Frank Wildhorn's show is becoming a fixture in Daniel's professional life, as from December 12th 2010 until March 14th 2011 he was once again that self same bishop in a new and different tour production directed by Andreas Gergen and Christian Struppeck.

In October 2011 Daniel finally finished his first book : "Upper Egypt : The Egypt of the New Kingdom - A Travel Tale", in which he poured all his impressions and pictures from his journey through Egypt in 2009.

In October 2012 he founded "The 4-Men Trio", with Charles E.J. Moulton, Michael Dahmen and Desar Sulejmani.  They are currently promoting their concert "Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones".

Since 2012 he also works a a voice-over artist and director.

In 2013 he found his way back to the stage, as he portrayed the Governor of California in Robert Cabell's musical "Z - The Masked Musical of Zorro" during the Clingenburg Festspiele in Klingenberg am Main.  At the same time played Wilhelm Grimm and the Frog King in the chlidren's musical "Wachgeküsst".

At the end of 2013, and in early 2014, he, once more, made his way on the "regular" stage, as Chief Inspector deCraven in "Dinner for One, Killer for Five", the prequel to the popular sketch. Unfortunately, it would be his first and last production in this actually quite nice theatre, as it went bankrupt a few months after said production. The run wasn't exactly smooth either.  It was disturbed by a severe MRSA infection, which landed Daniel in hospital for two weeks, and saw him operated on twice.  True to the adage "The show must go on", he was released from hospital on the day of the next show.  2014 Would not be a good year, though.  After the infection (and its double operation), destiny struck again : he was kindly, though firmly requested to move from his apartment on short notice.  As if that wasn't enough, lingering arthrosis in his knee made moving house (in particular) and moving (in general) extremely painful.  To top off the first six months of the year, Daniel got caught in a pretty severe car crash, which totalled his car.  Nevertheless he managed three concerts of the pop oratory "The 10 Commandments" in Wipperfürth, even though he needed to be doused with a respectable dose of painkillers in order to make it to the stage.

2015 announces itself as "The Return of Daniel", though.  He started out directing his friend and teacher Erik Maes and Nicole Zeldenrust in "Love Letters" by A.R. Gurney, for COMING HOME PRODUCTIONS in Antwerp. (his first production on Belgian soil since 1997).  On August 1st he will appear as the French baritone Louis-Richard Grandvoix in "Welcome Elvis : Jede Hüfte schwingt anders" by Nadeem Ahmed. 

Unfortunately, most of the 2015-2016 season was ruined by oesophageal cancer.  The operations, and the unforeseen consequences, kept Daniel out of actions for 7 months.  He missed about 6 performances of "Welcome Elvis", for which he was covered by his friend and colleague Charles EJ Moulton.  By November 17th 2016 Daniel was back on stage, though.  As the whole health situation made him decide not to have a birthday in 2016, the premiere of the show "35 years on Stage, and still no Celeb", will be postponed until 2017.

In Belgium he appeared briefly on television as a guest in several TV-series and worked with Frank Hoelen at The New Horizon.

He started his own small Theatre Production Company WACO PRODUCTIONS in 1993.  The name of this company changed to ARTECONDA Theatre Productions in 2003.

Daniel also is one of those illustrious armchair Egyptologists, as a hobby.



Current Projects

"The Autodidacts Guide to Ancient Egypt" Internet-based project to compile the ultimate comprehensive reference guide and textbook on Ancient Egypt
Visits to a Friend - Travel Stories from the Aveyron" mix of a travel guide for the Aveyron region of France and anecdotes of travels in the region
"The 4-Men Trio" collective effort of Daniel, Charles E.J. Moulton, Michael Dahmen and Desar Sulejmani, to put themselves on the concert map with a series of concerts entitled "Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones" (premiere 21/10/2012), and "Joy to the World - 4MT wishes you a very Bari Christmas" (premiere 15/12/2013).
"Elvis has left" - a Rock 'n Roll musical revue by Nadeem Ahmed - premiere August 1st 2015.
"35 years on stage, and still no celeb" - an autobiographical one man show directed by Frank Hoelen - premiere 201?.

Theatre Credits

"The Ghost of Canterville" (Oscar Wilde) - Diontheatre 1984 (Lord Canterville)
"One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" (Ken Kesey) - T.A.A. 1988 (Sunny)
"Midsummernight's Dream" (William Shakespeare) - H.A.T. 1989 (Duke Theseus - Script Adaptation)
"Reigen" (Arthur Schnitzler) - H.A.T. 1989 (The Soldier)
"The Servant of two Masters" (Carlo Goldoni) - H.A.T. 1991 (Dottore Lombardi)
"Scapino !" (Molière - Frank Dunlop (adt.)) - H.A.T. 1992 (Sylvestro - Script Adaptation)
"The Line" (Igor Horowitz) - H.A.T. 1992 (Fleming)
"The Taming of the Shrew" (William Shakespeare) - H.A.T. 1993 (Grumio - Script Adaptation)
"A Gentlemen's Orchestra" (after Anouilh's "The Ladies Orchestra") - H.A.T. 1993 (The Conductor - Script Adaptation)
"Amadeus" (Peter Schaeffer) - TheatreSpectacle 1994 (Emperor Joseph II)
"The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (David Edgar) - TheatreSpectacle 1995 (Edward Hyde)
"Six Characters in Search of an Author" (Luigi Pirandello) - H.A.T. 1995 (the Director - Script Adaptation)
"The Warhorses" (Aldo Nicolai) - TheatreSpectacle 1995 (Louis Vandernikkel)
"Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern" (Martin Sperr) - Theaterlabor Concordiatheater Bremen 2009/2010 (Georg)
"Dinner for One, Killer for Five" (Michael Koglin) - Theater im Kloster 2013/2014 (Chief Inspector deCraven)
"Love Letters" (A.R. Gurney) - Coming Home Productions 2015 (Direction)
"Welcome Elvis : jede Hüfte schwingt anders" (Nadeem Ahmed) - Rhein Zirkel 2015 (Louis-Richard Grandvoix)

Musical Credits

"The Glitterstone of Bula-Bula" - Diontheatre 1986 (Shoeshine Boy)
"Les Misérables" - STELLA Musical Theatre Duisburg 1997-1999 (Brujon, Foreman, Army Officer, cover Thenardier)
"Disney's Beauty and the Beast" - STELLA Entertainment Center Stuttgart 2000 (Ensemble, cover Maurice)
"Les Misérables" - Opera Bonn 2001 (Brujon, Army Officer)
"Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Concert" - The New Horizon Antwerp 2001 (Maurice, Beast)
"Jesus Christ Superstar" - Bad Hersfelder Festspiele 2002 (High Priest, cover Herod)
"42nd Street" - Apollo Theatre Stuttgart 2003-2004 (Abner Dillon, cover Bert Barry)
"Disney's Beauty and the Beast" - Metronom Theater 2005-2006 (Monsieur d'Arque (18/12/2005-20/05/2006) Maurice, cover Von Unruh)
"Disney's Beauty and the Beast" - Theater Am Potsdamer Platz 2007 (Maurice, cover Von Unruh)
"Vom Geist der Weihnacht" - Musical Palast Frankfurt (LIFE ON STAGE ENTERTAINMENT) 2007 (Mr. Fezziwig & Mr. Beavis)
"Jekyll & Hyde" - Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel 2008 (The Bishop of Basingstoke)
"The Jamie Oliver Dinner Show" - Prime Time Entertainment AG Frankfurt 2008 (Judge Prof. Dr. Dr. Hannes Bohm)
"Jekyll & Hyde" - Theater Nordhausen 2010 (The Bishop of Basingstoke)
"Jekyll & Hyde" - Landgraf Konzertdirektion 2010 (The Bishop of Basingstoke)
"Z - The Masked Musical of Zorro" - Clingenburg Festspiele - Klingenberg am Main 2013 (Governor of California)
"Wachgeküsst" - Clingenburg Festspiele - Klingenberg am Main 2013 (Wilhelm Grimm/Frog King)
"Die 10 Gebote" - Wipperfürth Sommerfest - Wipperfürth 2014 (Reguil)

Opera Credits

"Carmen" - Opera Bonn 2001-2002 (Lilas Pastia)

Television Credits

"Three Men under one Roof", sitcom, Studio's Amusement 1993/1994
"Family", daily soap, Studio's Amusement 1993/1994
"Edition", daily soap, Studio's Amusement 1995
"The Landlady", sitcom, RV Production 1994
"Wittekerke", regular cast priest, D&D PRODUCTIONS 1993/2002

Other Credits

"Bloodbrothers" - Royal Conservatory Brussels 1996 - Lighting Design
"W.A.R. 96" - H.A.T. 1996 - Lighting Design
"I whistle to Music" - Lukas Höfling und sein Schlossorkester 2001 - Lighting Design
"We canne we speak I, II, III & IV" - WACO PRODUCTIONS 1996-2000 - Script, Production & Performer
"A Night in Town" - WACO PRODUCTIONS 1992 - Production & Direction
"The dark Side of the Light" - WACO PRODUCTIONS 1994 - Production & Direction
"We canne we Sing" - WACO PRODUCTIONS 2000 - Production & Starring
"A Musical Dinner" - The New Horizon 2002 - Compiler
"Sing me a Song" - Bad Hersfeld 2002 - Concert
"A Taste of Theatre" - The New Horizon Ghent 2002 - Concert
"Under the Influence of Brel" - The New Horizon Antwerp 2002 - Concert
"The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" (David Edgar) - TheatreSpectacle 1995 - Dutch Translation
"Comic Potential" (Alan Ayckborn) 2002 - Dutch Translation
"State of Affairs" (Daniel Coninx & Fred Verhoeven) 1995 - Co-Writer & Performer
"Sei hier Gast" - Guest Star at a Charles Moulton Concert 2006
"Lollipop und Strandbikini" - 1950's Revue at the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel 2008
"Text & Ton 0.2." -
musical revue at the Theaterlabor in Bremen 2009/2010 - Co-Writer, Performer & Director
"Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern"
(Martin Sperr, adapted by Peter Dorsch) 2010 - Dutch Translation
"Upper Egypt : the Egypt of the New Kingdom - a Travel Tale"
e-book by Daniel Coninx 2011 (Dutch and English versions)
Translated, read and directed an audiobook on the history of AUDI in Dutch 2012
"Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones" - Concert with "The 4-Men Trio" at the Friedenskirche in Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 2012 - Director & Singer
"Joy to the World - 4MT wishes you a very Bari Christmas" - Christmas concert with "The 4-Men Trio" - ArTeConDa Theatre Productions & C.E.J. Moulton, Gelsenkirchen 2013, Singer
"Welcome Elvis - Not every Pelvis is an Elvis" (Nadeem Ahmed) 2015 - Dutch Translation
"Dinner for One, Killer for Five" (Michael Koglin) 2017 - Dutch Translation