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Listen to Daniel singing songs accompanied by Lukas Höfling (MP3)

"Stars" from 
"Les Misérables"
"Ch'ella mi creda" from
"La Fanciulla dell' West"
"Ne me quitte pas" 
(Jacques Brel)
"If I can't love her" from
"Disney's Beauty and the Beast"

And listen to a recording from the live concert "Sing me a Song" at Burg Hauneck in the summer of 2003 (courtesy of the Bad Hersfelder Festspiele)

"The Bare Necessities"
from "Jungle Book"

accompanied by Helgo Hahn


Now you can even SEE him perform in these partial recordings from the "COLOURS OF MUSIC"-Gala Concert in October 2004 and from the "Lollipop und Strandbikini"-revue during the summer season at the Bad Vilbel Burgfestspiele in 2008.


"Gib mir Kraft" from "Bonifatius"
Recording Copyright : Jem Brent & JHV Song Copyright : Dennis Martin

See Daniel rock in a televised excerpt of "Lollipop und Strandbikini" at the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel in 2008

From the same "Lollipop und Strandbikini" a rendition of "Tutti Frutti"


Also from "Lollipop und Strandbikini" an impression of Bill Ramsay's "Wumba Tumba Schokoladeneisverkaufer"


Time to insert a few songs from :  "Z - The Musical of Zorro"

"Glorious gluttonous Greed"
Daniel as Governor Juan Carlos about his love of gold and his abhorrence of peasants.
Text & Music : Robert W. Cabell
German translation : Marcel Krohn

"Devil on my Back"
Daniel has had it with Zorro, and so have Daniel Pabst and Christian Theodoridis.
Text and Music : Robert W. Cabell
German Translation : Marcel Krohn


We also have a link to a teaser for "Welcome Elvis"

Teaser for
"Welcome Elvis : not every Pelvis is an Elvis"

These are a bit older (from 2013 and 2014), but we have finally managed to post them here, after our "tiff" with YouTube.

Teaser for the concert
"Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones"

"You raise me up"
from the concert "Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones"

"Lily's Eyes"
from the concert "Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones"

"Ne me Quitte pas"
from the concert "Joy to the World"

You can find more by 4MT here.

Other Songs are coming !


Daniel has turned to a new medium for an old passion : he has written an e-book about his travels in Egypt.

The book, titled "Upper Egypt : The Egypt of the New Kingdom - A Travel Tale", is now available as e-book for as little as 5€.  It contains not only interesting information for the future visitor and the personal travel log of the author, but also over 200 full colour pictures, made by the author himself, between Abydos and Abu Simbel.

How to order : just send an e-mail stating your interest to  You will receive an e-mail back with the bank account number to which we will require you to transfer the 5€.  Upon verification of the transfer you will receive a second e-mail containing a link to the download page where you can download your copy.







We'll send you a signed copy if you send a stamped* and addressed envelope to :

Espeler Wiese 16
53329 Bonn-Holzlar

*please use German or Belgian stamps

Press Events


Beauty and the Beast - Oberhausen and Berlin


 Applaus auf der Autobahn
     Another biographical article from the Neue Nordhauser Zeitung

Review of the "Around the World in 3 (bari)Tones" Concert

"Z - The Musical of Zorro"

This is what local press in and around Klingenberg am Main had to say about the World Premiere of "Zorro" and about Daniel :

For the first time the specialized press had something to say too :

  • "Zorro lässt den Degen blitzen !" - Da Capo Musical Magazine July 2013 : "The evil antagonists are portrayed by, first of all, Daniel Coninx as [Governor] Juan Carlos and Daniel Pabst as his [bastard] son Raffael.  Both stick closely to their profile, and the combination and contrast of their voices is a delight.  The sonorous, powerful bass of Coninx offers a superb contrast with the tenor of Pabst."

  • "Z - The Musical of Zorro - Eine Entdeckung" - Musicals Bi-monthly Magazine September 2013 : "As graceful as Grunewald bears himself as Zorro, and as romantic as Perez presents Carlotta, so powerful and terrifying is Daniel Coninx as Governor Juan Carlos - the way he portrays the tyrant in "Glorious gluttonous greed" with enthusiasm and absolute devotion, and with a resounding bass, is an event in itself."


"Wachgeküsst - Das Dornrösschenmusical"

        There was even some mention in local press about "Sleeping Beauty" :

"Dinner for One, Killer for Five"