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On this page we will keep you updated on Daniel's shows and concerts.  Check back regularly for new performances.  Dates and places are to be found on this calendar.


We seem to manage the updating part of our job pretty well, but the publication of those updates is something that leaves a tad to be desired.  Not much has happened since the previous (unpublished) update.  We edited the biography, added a few pics, but that's it.  Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that we have resolved our "differences" with YouTube.  Actually, they capitulated, something we never expected.  So now we can offer several clips from the two 4MT concerts on our Downloads page.

Breaking : Daniel revisits children's theater, the discipline where it all started.  He will feature as Gepetto, Jiminy Cricket, a snake, a fox and the circus boss in "Pinocchio" at the Junges Theater Bonn.  Premiere on November 19th 2017.  Stay tuned !  Show dates are on the calendar.


Just when you thought this site was dead, we spring an update on you.  That's us, alright...  Not that we have that much good news, quite the contrary, unfortunately.  During part of 2015 and most of 2016 Daniel was sidelined by an oesophageal tumor.  Treatment (three major operations, and about a dozen minor ones), followed by the usual complications, made an anticipated hospital stay of two and a half weeks into a marathon of nearly three months.  Daniel was "out of commission" for over seven months, but has announced he will be back on November 17th 2016, reprising his role of Louis-Richard Grandvoix in "Welcome Elvis, jede Hüfte schwingt anders", at the Stratmann's Theatre in Essen.  A big thank you goes to friend and colleague Charles EJ Moulton, who covered Daniel's part in those seven months.

    This also means that the premiere of the one man show "35 years on stage, and still no celeb" is postponed to 2017.

    As a positive note, we can confirm that YouTube saw the error of their ways, and released the restrictions on the 4MT videos.  The premiere of "Welcome Elvis", at the Culture Summer Rheinbach, and the following shows at the Stratmann's theatre in Essen, were an unbridled success.  The show was booked for another season, and will simultaneously go on tour through Nordrhein-Westfalen.  Together with Nadeem Ahmed, Daniel is working on the successor of "Welcome Elvis".  You will find pictures of the show on the pics page.


As promised : a whole new set of pics of "Dinner for One, Killer for Five".


It has been over a year since you've heard from us.  Mainly, because there was not much worth mentioning, but also because Daniel had some severe health issues.  That the website wasn't his first priority at the time, is quite understandable.  The following highs and lows are to be noted since October 2013 :

    2014 Was, unfortunately, marked by a series of calamities : it started in February with a severe infection with the deadly hospital bacteria MRSA that lead to a double operation on the elbow and left hand.  The unexpected result thereof was an unscheduled (unplanned and unwanted) move from Meckenheim to Bonn, including the administrative chaos that followed.  In the middle of that move, Daniel was hit by a severe bout of arthrosis in his left knee - perfect timing.  Try organizing a move when you can barely walk.  When he had finally settled in his new abode, he decided to take a week off in France, to allow the knee some much needed rest.  Once again fate struck, and Daniel was involved in a car crash on the French highway, just outside of Paris.  Total loss, and the first day of his week off, was immediately also the last day.  Time for a new car.  If anyone from the tax office happens to read this : no need to start drooling.  The new car is actually an old car, and it has cost peanuts.  Having weathered all that, some bureaucrat in Belgium decided to declare Daniels business ArTeConDa bankrupt, because someone had made a tiny error, back in 1990.  That was the cream on the cake.  The cherry on top was the fact that Daniel lost an important legal dispute with the German Ministry of Finance, because the case had to go to the European Court in Luxemburg, and Daniel did not have the 250.000€ that such trial would cost. With that, the year was about 8 months old... 

    Things calmed down after that, but you will understand that he lived the rest of the year in a state of extreme apprehension, and was neither in the mood, nor capable, of doing anything creative.  Now, however, is 2015, and the time has come to "resurrect" Daniel.  His comeback is scheduled for August 1st and 2nd, as the French classical Baritone Louis-Richard Grandvoix, in the world premiere of "Welcome Elvis - Jede Hüfte schwingt anders" (Welcome Elvis, every pelvis swings differently"), a musical revue by Nadeem Ahmed.  More details are to be found here :, although the page is entirely in German.  Chances are that more plays by the same author may/will follow in 2015 and 2016 !

    Furthermore, Daniel plans a return to Belgium.  Artistically, that is.  In March 2015 he was asked to direct the play "Love Letters" (A.R. Gurney), for COMING HOME Productions, starring Erik Maes and Nicole Zeldenrust.  The production, in English, was very much appreciated by an international audience.  Felicitations were had from international celebrities like the French actor and director Henri Garcin, and the British author and critic John Couth. There are no dates available as yet, but chances are that Daniel will indeed return to Belgium later this year, with a new production.  His own production, to boot.  Frank Hoelen signed for the direction of Daniels first one man show "35 Years on Stage, and still no Celeb".  When and how the show will take place, depends on practical matters like sponsoring, and finding a producer.  But like Frank Hoelen says : "Once the creative part is done, the rest follows."


The summer is gone, and so is the governor of California from "Z-The Musical of Zorro".  The production, which was a world premiere, was a huge success.  Daniel even made it into the professional press.  You can find the articles from "Musicals" and "Da Capo" here, together with some local reviews.  "Wachgeküsst - das Dornrösschen Musical" (The Sleeping Beauty show), was a success as well, although contrary to what we wrote on March 15th, Daniel did not play Jacob Grimm, but William Grimm.  He doubled as the Frog Prince, which, at times when it was 39°C, was not as fun as it sounds.  Apparently the frog came across as funny enough, as Daniel got quite a few offers for parties and such.  He gracefully declined.  Since then, and for the foreseeable future, his schedule is virginally blank.  Those of you who want to book him : you know the way !

    The eagerly awaited Christmas concert is now official : on December 15th 4MT will bring you "Joy to the World - 4MT wishes you a very Bari Christmas" at the castle of Herten.  Tickets are available through the website of the city of Herten.  The Christmas concert in Schalke has, unfortunately, been cancelled, due to geographical and organisational reasons.  The local producer was afraid that two concerts so close to each other in time and location, would not generate enough audience.  But every cloud has a silver lining, so 4MT will return to Schalke on February 23rd 2014, with a brand new concert, tentatively called "We sing the Songs".

    The concert in Schalke of last year even brought 4MT a bonus : the attending mayor of Gelsenkirchen liked them so much, he invited 4MT to open the renovated city hall of Gelsenkirchen on August 31st.


Well, seems like we were right : october 21st 2012 was indeed the only day of 2012 Daniel was actually on stage.  After a Facebook poll the three baritones decided on the name "The 4-Men Trio".  They will present their new concert "A Bari Happy Christmas" in december 2013.  As for Daniel : you will have more opportunity to see him at work this year.  From June 13th until July 26th 2013 he will be playing the Governor of California in the musical "Z-The Masked Musical of Zorro", at the Clingenburg Festspiele in Klingenberg am Main in Bavaria.  To make up for lost time, he will also be playing Jacob Grimm in "Wachgeküsst", the Cinderalla musical, and that from June 20th until July 28th 2013, at the same venue.  After that, it's 'the big empty" again until the "4-Men Trio"-concert mentioned above.


I know !  Nearly a year since the last update.  Why ?  Because there was nothing to update you on.  Apparently the trend for young and beautiful people still persists, and as Daniel can hardly be described as either...  The sales of the book are going as expected : we haven't sold a single copy yet.  It's always nice to see your expectations come true.  It also means that the publication of "Visits to a friend - Travel tales from the Aveyron" won't be for any time soon either.  So why this update anyway ?  Well, because of two things.  First of all, we have added a few pages to the site.  Daniel created a Facebook page called "The Autodidacts Guide to Ancient Egypt" (another unsuccessful attempt at promoting his book) in order to find kindred spirits to work on a book with exactly that same title.  Believe it or not, as we speak, over 1,800 people have "liked" the page.  Not one of them ever bought the book, but you can't expect everything to happen all at once.  Now when he tried to publish a transcript of a seminar on deciphering hieroglyphs, Facebook blatantly refused to incorporate the hieroglyphs.  In search of a solution he came to us and we decided to publish the transcripts here as .pdf files.  We created two extra pages with all the info you could ever need on the subject, and you will find the first in the left column of the start page, or here.

    Secondly there is a snippet, a minuscule tidbit of news on the artistic front.  Together with baritones Charles E.J. Moulton and Michael Dahmen and pianist Desar Suleimani of the Musiktheater im Revier in Gelsenkirchen, Daniel will be appearing in the concert entitled "The Three Baritones : Around the World in Three (bari)Tones".  The concert will take place at the Friedenskirche in Gelsenkirchen-Schalke at 6pm on October 2012.  If you want to see Daniel on stage this year, hurry to Gelsenkirchen, because it looks as if it's going to be the only opportunity to see him in action this year.


Quite a bit sooner than expected we have the pleasure to announce that Daniel's first book, "Upper Egypt : The Egypt of the New Kingdom - A Travel Tale" is now available from this website for the tiny price of 5€ !  If you are interested, please send an e-mail to stating your interest.  We will send you an e-mail with instructions upon reception.


Yes, we know.  It's been a while...  But the economical crisis is also being felt in the German theatre world - and how !  Combined with the trend for "beautiful-people-shows" it's getting pretty hard for Daniel to find a job anywhere.  So "diversification" has become the key-word of 2011.  The one-time musical actor has all of a sudden also become a "Voice over artist" and an author.  A first book called "Upper Egypt - The Egypt of the New Kingdom - A Travel Story" will be available through Facebook shortly.  A second book ("Visits to a Friend - Travel Stories from the Aveyron") is to follow in 2012.  He's also hard at work writing a fantasy novel, but refuses to come up with a date for publication on that issue.  The other two will be available as e-books.  What, how and where will be revealed here shortly.

    Furthermore we have managed to get our hands on some backstage pictures from the "Jekyll & Hyde" tour.  You will find them in the German Galery.


Six months since the last update.  Very sorry, but we didn't have anything exciting to tell you.  The premiere of "Jekyll & Hyde" in Nordhausen was a success.  Daniel Eriksson led a spectacular cast so that there will be a series of extra shows this autumn.  You will find them on the calendar.

    "Jekyll & Hyde" is becoming a fixture in Daniel's life, for he will be the Bishop of Basingstoke for the third time in a tour production of this show coming next december.  Showtimes also on the calendar.  We have added some pictures of "Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern" and of "Jekyll & Hyde".  A local newspaper in Nordhausen found Daniel interesting enough to devote half a page to him.  The article can be found here.

    What to expect in the coming months ?  The English version of his travel book about Upper Egypt is nearing completion.  Furthermore we hope to be able to present you with some more video clips of "Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern" and "Text & Ton 0.2".


Unfortunately technical problems interfered with the last update, and a very full schedule prevented us from uploading the update any sooner.  So now we're in the absurd situation of having to upload an update which is actually obsolete...

    Fortunately we have some new things we can tell you for this particular update : Daniel is back on the musical stage !  "Text & Ton 0.2" was such a hit that they had to schedule two more shows on February 26th and 28th.  For those of you who are in the vicinity of Bremen at that time, Daniel has two free tickets !

    Furthermore Daniels' stay in Bremen is being cut short.  On March 1st rehearsals for "Jekyll & Hyde" at the Theater Nordhausen start, directed by Ms. Iris Limbarth (remember "Vom Geist der Weihnacht" in Frankfurt ?).  Première of that show, where Daniel will reprise his role of the Bishop of Basingstoke, on Apirl 9th 2010.  For more details, go here.

    We have also added two new video's from the "Lollipop und Strandbikini" revue at the Bad Vilber Burgfestspiele in 2008.  Unfortunately Daniel won't be at the Burgfestspiele this year either.  There are no parts for non-dancers in this year's revue.

The premiere is getting closer for Daniel.  On December 18th "Text & Ton 0.2" premieres AND dernieres.  A one time gig with a selection of Musical songs.  Then, on December 22nd "Jagdszenen aus Niederbayern" has an open rehearsal.  The official premiere of the play is on January 7th 2010.  More dates on the Calendar.  Then director Peter Dorsch's job is done and director Patrick Schimanski takes over for the play to be premiered in March.  Which play that will be, is still a well kept secret...  We'll be sure to let you know, though....
Finally Daniel is back in business !  Rehearsals start on November 2nd at the Theaterlabor of the Concordiatheatre in Bremen.  For a change Daniel has no idea what production it will be.  The Theaterlabor is a kind of repertory company, so in a break with tradition Daniel now returns to his old love : pure play.  Maybe a sad thing for the musical fans amongst you, but for the next six months Daniel will be concentrating on playing instead of singing.  What happens afterwards : no idea, your guess is as good as mine.  The season - including between three and five plays - ends by the end of April.  As soon as we have any information pertaining to which plays and when, we'll let you know !
Technical update.  Some bugs removed.  New Flash intro uploaded.
Apparently it took us "slightly" longer to get everything up and running on the new server at  But now we've finally done it !  To reward your patience we've uploaded not only the promised "Jamie Oliver" and "Lollipop"-pics, but also some "Jekyll & Hyde" pics and a "Lollipop" video (now that we have room for it).  "The Jamie Oliver Dinner Show" in the meantime went bankrupt after the intervention of the German Court and British Equity, so if we never see that producer again, it will be about a zillion years too soon !  As for Daniel : he auditions like crazy and spends his (admittedly too much) free time on his pictures and study of Egypt.  For those of you who have a Facebook account : visit Daniel's to see his pictures of Egypt.  For those of you who don't have a Facebook account (and there are still a few who don't) : you can access the album here as well.
04/12/2008 - 24/03/2009
The JAMIE OLIVER DINNER SHOW was an utter and complete catastrophe.  Judge for yourselves : it features the world renowned Chef for less than 3 minutes in a 3,5 hour show.  Those 3 minutes are presented on a video screen in 4 interventions.  Don't look for Jamie Oliver for the remainder of the show or dinner, he's just not there.  The man lent his name and "created" the menu for this farce and that's the full extent of his involvement.  It's like going to a Mozart concert and listening to Shostakovic for three hours.  The book for the show was a joke as well : over 100 pages, including more than half of them with directions and the other half virtually exclusively given to text for one performer.  Boring as hell and even for the best possible actors completely unplayable.  So : out went the script and for five weeks Daniel and the other poor souls involved tried to manufacture something that would more or less stand up before an audience.  Three days after the start of rehearsals 3 in hindsight very wise people of the Hamburg production quit.  Two weeks later all the others from that same Hamburger production were sent home : show cancelled.  The Frankfurter show went on though.  After five weeks they thought they'd found some sort of compromise and a more or less playable show.  Enter the producer.  With as much knowledge about theatre and acting as a cockroach about quantum physics.  But he's the boss, he's not exactly pleased with what he sees (most probably because he actually managed to tear himself away from his phone for two minutes and still didn't understand what he saw), and he starts cutting, changing, and shifting scenes until the whole thing is unrecognizable.  Then, happy with having slashed whatever storyline was left, he closed the musical part of the show and kicked everyone out.  End of story.  The whole experience was like the dinner itself : next to nothing on your plate, and whatever was there stank to high heaven.  Mussels and fish are NOT supposed to smell like fish.  When they do, they're off !  The evidence : numerous plates with mussels and seafood risotto went back to the kitchen untouched.  So did many plates with the main course.  People probably wanted to err on the side of prudence.  Only the desert went in well.  In that desert a.o. chocolate cake and New York vanilla cheese cake, carefully divested from their crusts.  Those were scraped out of the baking plates, all tossed together in a container and then thrown before the few brave actors still hanging around hoping for dinner.  Fed like pigs at a trough !  Fortunately everyone got fired...  Nevertheless we incorporated some pictures Daniel sent us of the damned show and hope to even manage to edit a piece of video from the show.  If we ever get it into a presentable form, that is.  That last also goes for a video fragment from "Lollipop & Strandbikini".  The pics are already on the pics page !  Now that was a show that was the exact opposite of the JODS.  You might have noticed : there are two more flags on the first page : a French and a German one.  That means that as of today the website, now at, is quadrilingual !
It didn't take long this time.  Daniel's last show of "Jekyll & Hyde" was on September 6th and on October 11th he's starting rehearsals for the next show : "JAMIE OLIVER DINNER SHOW".  The producers are very tight-lipped about the show, though.  Here's what little we could wring from them : apparently what the audience gets to watch is a fake cookshow where three chefs challenge each other to find out who's the best.  A panel of judges,...well, judges.  And a television crew tapes the whole thing.  The audience eats and drinks whatever the chefs cook.  Daniel will be - surprise - one of the judges.  No surprise to those who know his cooking, though.  He's definitely better at eating than at cooking.  That is about all the details we managed to get.  One more thing : the show will run in two cities to start with : Hamburg and Frankfurt.  Daniel will be in the Frankfurter cast, as will be his friend and colleague Reinhard Brussmann.  Première on November 20th.  Precisely because this new contract came on such short notice, we hadn't finished our report on "Jekyll & Hyde" and "Lollipop und Strandbikini" yet.  We promise you'll get the pictures and even some TV footage in the next update. 

IMPORTANT : we're moving !  We plan to move our website to a new server beginning of next year.  Our site is getting to big for, so we're switching hosts.  Of course we'll tell you exactly when in due time !  But you might want to note the new address already :

A little extra has found its' way on Daniel's calendar.  In addition to "Jekyll and Hyde" he will also be appearing in "Lollipop und Strandbikini", a 1950's revue.  A little something of about 8 shows reviving the spirit of the 1950's.  It'll enable Daniel to do a few things he hasn't done before, like singing German Rock 'n Roll.  Apparently he's somewhat of a 21st century Bill Ramsey.  For the dates please refer to the calendar.  On a purely technical note we can tell you we have added a new feature to some of the pages.  It's called Babelfish and will allow you to translate the page to any language of your choice.  It's not perfect, but as a lot of you have been asking for German and French versions of the site, it's the best we can do until we find someone with a better grasp of German and French grammar and syntax than us here...
"Vom Geist der Weihnacht" finished it's Frankfurter run on December 30th.  Pretty logical for a Christmas show.  Reviews were basically positive aside from one critic complaining that the music was "too Christmassy".  Which is of course annoying for a Christmas show.  Who in his right mind would write "Christmassy" music for a Christmas show ?  Not counting that particular absurd criticism everyone was quite happy with the show.  Daniel included.  He was happy to be there and would gladly do it again.  Nevertheless it once again didn't take very long for Daniel to land a new contract.  Things are obviously working out just fine.  On May 1st he starts rehearsals for "Jekyll and Hyde" at the Burgfestspiele Bad Vilbel.  He will be playing the Bishop of Basingstoke (after playing a friar in "The Taming of a Shrew", a Priest in "Whitechurch" and a High Priest in "Jesus Christ Superstar" clearly a promotion.), premiering on June 11th.  For the shows please check the Calendar.  In addition Daniel might also play a 1950's revue at the same venue.  Discussions about that aren't finished yet, so we'll inform you in due course.  Thirdly, we added some pictures from "Vom Geist der Weihnacht" in the German Gallery.

It didn't take long this time before Daniel had some good news for us.  He's starting rehearsals for "Vom Geist der Weihnacht" ("A Christmas Carol") next week.  Premiere on November 20th in Frankfurt where he will play the parts of Mr. Fezziwig and Mr. Beavis.  Furthermore - as the show has had its' last performance - we also have some more pics for you from Beauty in Oberhausen and Berlin.  Pictures from the show but also pictures from people like you've never seen them on stage.  To top that we've also added some "Photoshopped" pictures Daniel gave as goodbye gifts to his colleagues and friends at Beauty.  Don't miss those !  Daniel was happy to be part of it, but he's also happy to be parted with it.  816 Shows (including Stuttgart) is the longest run in his career yet.
There's an end to all things and the end of "Beauty" has been announced.  The last show will be on Monday September 10th.  "Beauty" leaves to be replaced by "Mama Mia" - a show where you most certainly will never see Daniel.  He'll still be in Berlin until the middle of October (or so it is currently planned) and will then move back to Meckenheim.  So once again : for all of you out there who are desperate to hire him : he'll be free to oblige you as of October 16th !
You've probably noticed what's new this time.  A complete overhaul no less !  We've tried to present you with a new look that yet feels familiar.  The main reason though was the Pics Page.  It was getting too long and bulky.  So we redesigned it.  If you like it, let us know.  If you don't, let us know too.  After all : we aim to please.  You now will find two entries in the menu bar on the left for pictures of Belgian and German productions.  In that German part you will find some more pics from "Beauty" in Oberhausen and some brand new pics from "Beauty" in Berlin !  There is also a new autograph card in the Downloads & Press section.  And to complete the overhaul we have added a page with links to websites of other actors and singers.  If you would like to be on that page with a link to your website, please let us know and by the next update you will find yourself on that selfsame page.  We only ask that you put a link to this page on your website too.
We've taken some time off since Daniel left for Berlin.  But now that he's finally there we're back to work here too.  The BEAUTY & THE BEAST Cast's arrival in Berlin did not go unnoticed.  It even made the newspapers.  Which is no mean feat right after the Berlin Film Festival.  You can find one of the articles right here.  As the "Pics" page was growing longer and longer we've redesigned it slightly.  And for fun we've added one more pic.  xFurthermore we've cleaned up the calendar again.  One of those things that need doing once in a while, you know. And we've updated the biography.
We finally managed to get a hold of the review in the WAZ newspaper of the concert in the Friedenskirche on November 5th.  We thought we'd like to share it with you.  We always like to share these things, particularly when nice things are being said.  You will find the article here.


Two new items today : Daniel is definitely joining the Berlin cast coming next March.  Premiere on March 8th 2007.  Last show on September 30th 2007. 
Second item : Daniel will be guest at the "Sei Hier Gast" concert of Charles Moulton on November 5th at the Friedenskirche in Gelsenkirchen.  More information here.

There's some more news about the future of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" in Oberhausen.  The show is being extended until the end of January 2007.  Then it will transfer to the Theatre am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin where it will open in early March.  Daniel will definitely keep playing Maurice until the end of the run in Oberhausen.  Whether he will join the cast in Berlin is at this moment still unsure. Furthermore we have put three autograph cards of Daniel online on the "What's New ?" page.


Some time ago (on May 25th to be precise) the Germans celebrated Father's Day.  As Daniel had recently taken over the part of Belle's father Maurice the press department of "Disney's Die Schöne und das Biest" reasoned that he had therefore just become a father.  A perfect pitch for an interview to appear on Father's Day in a local newspaper.  You will find the article here on the "Other Stuff"-page.

Great news !  As of May 21st Daniel will take over the part of Belle's Father Maurice as first cast.  The current Maurice Tamas Ferkay plays his last show on May 20th.  Daniel will retain his cover of the clock (Von Unruh) and will play that part again on June 14th.  There are some official pics of Daniel as Maurice on the Pics page.  Furthermore we have been informed that the run of the show has been extended until December 31st 2006.  Meaning an extra 50 shows.

A couple of days ago (see the previous entry) we kind of promised pictures of Daniel in his new role(s).  So, as a promise is a promise, you can now check the Pics page for them.  And another thing : Daniel will be playing Maurice (Belle's father) from January 4th until January 14th (incl.).
Well, the premiere is over by now.  And, as predicted, it has turned out to be an entirely different show from the one in Stuttgart.  or in Vienna, London, Broadway and Holland for that matter.  Director Glenn Casale succeeded marvellously in cutting the DISNEY sugar and reacquainting the show with the original book.  Unfortunately we don't have any pics of the premiere party or of Daniel yet, but we're working on it though...
As for the rest : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !
Finally !  Daniel has landed a new role !  And about time...  As of December 18th 2005 he will be appearing as Monsieur D'Arque in the new staging of "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" at the Metronom Theater in Oberhausen.  He will also reprise his cover role of Maurice, Belle's father, and in addition also cover the clock Cogsworth (in German : Von Unruh).  Rehearsals start on October 26th.  Check the Calendar for showtimes & -dates.
Obviously spammers are somewhat more creative than we gave them credit for.  Although we thought we had made the Guestbook inaccessible, they still succeeded in flooding the site with their rubbish.  So, with pain in our soul, we have deleted the entire Guestbook.  We'd like to see them try now...  Our apologies to those of you who wrote your genuine messages. Thank you Christine, Bhupinder, Michael, Birte (and her Mum), José, Ria and the Webmaster of Lilian Marti's Site.
After having had to remove several hundred entries from spammers from the Guestbook we have been forced to close said guestbook.  Sad but true...  Until we find an easy and simple way of filtering the genuine entries from the f**** idiots the guestbook will remain closed.
We had a little hard drive problem here so this update is a little overdue.  "42nd Street" closed last December 31st. After 14 months the curtain fell never to rise again.  Time to refresh the site.  The calendar is pretty empty for the time being so for all those of you who want to hire Daniel that is good news.  For those who might want to go watch him somewhere that is - of course - bad news...  In October Daniel participated in the "Colours of Music" Gala Concert at the APOLLO Theatre in Stuttgart.  Objective was to raise money for the local children's hospital Olga Kinderkrankenhaus where children from all over Germany suffering from cancer are being treated. The entire initiative - concert and charity appeals - raised over € 100.000 to be spent on equipment, extra staff, toys and books for the children.  We have included a videoclip of Daniel in that concert on the "Other Stuff" page on this site.  We'll be back with more news... when we have some !